The word YOGA means “to unite” in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Yoga teaches that the body and mind are not separate entities. It is rooted in the belief that the body and mind are intimately connected with the breath; you can experience the mind/body connection using the breath as a bridge.

Your First Visit

We are thrilled to have you hear and want to make sure your first visit to BFY is successful! Our goal is to make yoga accessible to all. Please share your feedback – for your own benefit and for our community.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to give yourself the opportunity to unwind or socialize before class.

Try not to have a full stomach.  Refrain from eating a big meal 2-3 hours before class.

No special yoga clothes necessary.  Wear any comfortable clothes you can easily move in.  Layering is recommended.  Bare feet give the best grip on the mat, but if you like your socks, wear them!

Please make signing in for class part of your routine.  This can be done in advance on our website, the Mindbody app or at the studio.

We ask that you silence your phone, apple watch or any other distraction and leave it outside the studio.  This is in your best interest and a polite gesture to your fellow students.

The more you practice, the quicker you can reach your goals.  1-2 times a week will bring steady changes over time, while practicing 3-4 times a week can bring immediate life changing results.

We provide mats, but highly suggest you purchase your own.  Props are available to bring more comfort to your practice. Take pride in your studio  – clean the mats and put your props away neatly.

Please let your teacher know if you have any injuries or medical conditions so they can make the postures safe and comfortable for you.

We love beginners!  Even if you’re not one, have a beginner’s mind and be attentive to where your body, mind and spirit want to go each class.

Yoga gives us the space to release old patterns in our bodies and in our thoughts, and create new channels to better health and happier living.  Laughter, tears, bodily noises…they are just a few ways you  might let go.

Therapeutic/Private Instruction

If you are new to yoga and hesitant to learn in a group setting, schedule a private class with a family member or friend and learn together! Private instruction can also be helpful if you want to create a personalized home yoga practice, prefer a tailored therapeutic practice to address a specific injury or illness, or have reached a plateau and would like to get more out of your current practice.


Your first class is free when you purchase a class pass the same day!

Your first class can be intimidating but come as you are! You will be with other students of different ages, shapes and abilities. Wear comfortable clothing and arrive a few minutes early. Please leave cell phones and worries outside the studio door along with your shoes.

“Let awareness and sensation lead you. Let each breath deliver a gift. Let the mind be the mind. Under restlessness, one layer deeper is calm.” – Megan

The most important thing to remember during a practice is that it is an exploration. Each posture is an experiment and the results vary. Go slowly and listen to your body.  Work toward acceptance. Learn to determine whether you are pushing yourself too hard or lightly challenging yourself and need to try a little more. The postures require sthira and sukha – steadiness and comfort. In a society that pushes us to do more, offers constant external stimulation and focus on results, yoga postures are about being at peace internally with whatever you do.

And remember to breathe. When you are breathing in harmony with your movements, you are paying attention in a deep way. Your job is not to do more in the poses but to modify them so you can continue to breathe in a comfortable, harmonious way. Mindful awareness of the breath and body not only prevent injury but are also what the heart of what yoga is all about.

Consider the yoga studio as a room of small accomplishments; what you do in the yoga room becomes practice for what you do in life. One benefit of yoga can be that we put controlled stress on ourselves in a safe environment and observe our reactions without attaching to them.  We also get to experience what it is like to succeed, relax and feel good in our bodies. Your teacher is guiding the experience, but each individual will have their own unique experience.  We can all learn how to respond to challenges in our lives, recognize and enjoy our strengths and get to know ourselves from the inside out.

After the relaxation pose at the end of your session, note how you feel. If there is a feeling of lightness and equinamity in your body and nervous system, you are on the right track.  We may have bumped up to restrictions in the body, but we have control over the agitations of the mind – self exploration with compassionate discipline.  Remind yourself at the end of class that it is not about what you said to yourself or what poses you did, it is about how you feel.

Come back again soon! You are a valuable part of our community and we are here to support each other at our highest vibration.