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Develop or Deepen Your Meditation Pratice

If meditation was a pill, we would all take it every day.

Are you interested meditation but not sure where to start? Have you tried meditation and had difficulty sticking with it? A private one-on-one session offers techniques to personalize your inner awareness tools. Depending on your natural tendencies, allotted time, religious or spiritual beliefs, and if you are wanting to meditation for a specific health reason (anxiety, depression, chronic pain, addiction etc.), some styles of meditation are more successful than others.  According to yogic philosophy, meditation is not a practice but a state of being that is obtained through other practices. It is a transformational experience where we use techniques to draw the senses inward including pranayama (breath work), imagery, mudra (hand gestures or seals), and mantra (repetition of sound).  Basic but effective meditation tools help develop a consistent practice that expands over time.

Though yoga is often thought of as postures (asana), physical poses are one of eight limbs or facets of yoga in the ancient texts.  The practice of asana is not required for meditation, but meant to be a doorway into the body. Liberation from the fluctuations of the mind is the ultimate goal in yoga; so much so that four of the eight limbs of yoga speak directly to the importance of meditation: Pratyahara (withdrawing of the senses), Dharana (contemplation), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption). There is no such thing as a bad meditation. All of these levels are powerful states of consciousness that allow our inner Self to stay in balance with the outside world.

If you want to know more about the eight limbs of yoga and their relationship to meditation, please read my blog Meditation as Ketchup.

Eight Things To Know About Meditation for Health

Researchers Develop New Metrics for Measuring Mental States During Meditation

Megan provides personalized documentation and follow up support. Typically, 1-3 private sessions will give you the tools you need to develop a regular, joyful meditation practice on your own!

To schedule an appointment by phone or for more information, please contact Megan at (262) 767-1111 or fill out the Contact & Private Sessions information.

About Your Teacher

Megan was initially introduced to the meditative and breathing aspects of yoga in the late 1980’s in Boulder, CO as a long-term method to manage panic attacks.  Even when time takes away from a physical practice, meditation continues to be the strong foundation for her mental well being and yoga sadhana (daily spiritual practice).

Client Recommendations:

“I could not be happier with my private sessions with Megan!  They gave me more than the results I was hoping for. I did just 2 private meditation sessions: first session to help bring down high blood pressure and a second session to help with anxiety.  I slowly increased my practice to 20 minutes each day. Currently, my blood pressure is below the doctors recommendation and as for anxiety, I’m back to being a calm person.  Megan, thank you.”

- Geri V.

I thought yoga was just the poses and posture but going to Megan’s woman’s retreat and doing private meditation with her I realized that I am doing Yoga every single day.  There are 8 limbs to yoga and the only limb that I don’t practice is posture.

Megan’s private meditation sessions and her woman’s retreat made me realize that meditation is a way of life.  Meditation has now become what I do every single morning whether it is for 5 minutes or for 20 minutes depending on the time I have in the morning.  It gives me a fresh start each morning and brings so much more love and clarity to my mind, body and soul.

- Joy