Yoga Therapy

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Individualized Care

Yoga Therapy Health is a website that provides the public as well as healthcare providers and other aligned professionals with sound information about yoga therapy.

Have you ever wanted your own personal yoga practice to do on your time and in your own space? Or perhaps you want to create a yoga practice to address a specific injury, chronic pain, illness or disease? Yoga therapy is an excellent option for someone who may not be interested in or able to attend group classes, or anyone who would like to supplement occasional classes with a home practice. Sadhana is the yogic term referring to the spirited self-discipline of a daily practice. Sadhana may include yoga postures and breath awareness to enhance your physical wellbeing; it also may incorporate traditional facets of yoga such as meditation, pranayama, mudras, mantra, mindful eating and Ayurvedic guidelines for daily self-care. Yoga Therapy helps you to understand and appreciate your unique body and mind dynamics so you can live more fully.

Yoga Therapy Private

The first session includes an initial intake. Megan provides personalized home practice documentation and follow up support. Depending on your goals, it is recommended that you schedule 2-4 sessions over a 1-3 month period for optimal results.

Please fill out and submit the following Yoga Therapy Intake Form prior to your appointment: Yoga Therapy Intake Form.

Meditation Private

There are many styles, techniques and variations of meditation. Megan will help you find the meditation tools that support your individuality and desired outcome. Personalized documentation and follow up support are provided if needed.

Please fill out and submit the following Meditation Intake Form prior to your appointment: Meditation Intake Form.

Some of the main ways in which yoga therapy differs from yoga are:

• Yoga therapy is completely adaptable and works with your goals. Each session is tailored to the client’s needs; whether you want to gain relief from chronic pain, facilitate injury recovery, improve flexibility, reduce stress and sleep better, improve body awareness and well-being, get help with anxiety or depression, or simply retain your youthful appearance and energy.

• Yoga therapy targets the practice to specific conditions. Most health issues benefit from some yoga asanas or yoga breathing techniques and not others. A yoga therapy program for sciatic pain for example, would be very different from a yoga therapy practice targeting anxiety.

• Yoga therapy adjusts the poses to your body’s needs. A Yoga Therapist shows the client how to modify poses to their body using props and gentle alignment assists. This ensures that you get full benefits from each pose and feel safe and confident doing a personalized home practice.

• Yoga therapy uses adjunct techniques to speed your progress. When called for, the session may include energy therapy, sound healing or thai yoga bodywork to facilitate a deeper release.

• Yoga therapy is offered in individual sessions enabling the teacher to guide you in the fine subtleties of muscle relaxation, stretching, and strengthening.