Body Prayer Practices with Megan

Do you believe your mind and body are interrelated? My virtual community is for self-aware, self-sensing people who want to take care of their whole being. What type of embodied practice do you need? My passion is Somatic Yoga which is a type of therapeutic movement that can relieve physical and emotional pain and balance the energy body. If you are looking for alignment based hatha yoga, try a class from my Yoga for Strength and Mobility playlist.  Restorative Yin will leave you nourished and replenished. If the physical practices are not your thing but you have an interest in meditation, you can access a free meditation library here or on the Insight Timer app.

As a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), my goal is to make your practice accessible and joyful, regardless of where you are. I am also a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP), and Ayurvedic Marma Therapist with a deep appreciation for the subtle energy body. I enjoy connecting high vibration humans from all over the world!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Megan MacCarthy, where I have a variety of 100+ free videos.  I am also available for private virtual yoga therapy sessions and energy work remotely.

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Wish you were in Wisconsin?! Get access to Megan’s live stream and pre-recorded classes and our monthly group meditation. My goal is to encourage you to connect with kindness to all the layers of your being; and guide our community toward wisdom traditions that invoke unity.   Through video classes, audio meditations and blogging, you will gain appreciation for your unique gifts. Become a member and “re-member” who you are!

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If you pledge Joy ($15/month) or Love ($70), you can expect 8-12 exclusive content classes per month that can be done whenever it works for you. Class options will focus on Somatic Yoga and Slow Flow Yoga; with occasional Restorative Yin and Yoga Therapy videos. Make your requests! Additionally, supporting with Love entitles you to a monthly half hour private yoga therapy consultation or remote energy healing with Megan.  A Peace ($5/month) pledge brings you into our community chat and monthly meditations, which may include: guided imagery, body scan, pranayama breathing, yoga nidra, and meditation on the chakras.

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