Guided Meditations

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Guided Spiral Imagery

Mahat Pranayama – The Complete Breath 

Meditation for Focused Awareness When Using Your Hands

This meditation was co-created with a trauma surgeon to prepare and focus for surgery. It would be an effective preparation for anyone who uses their hands as “tools” for their work. The meditation is short enough to use in a moment’s notice. It was designed to be done successfully while standing in a busy environment with the eyes opened. It begins with dristhi for concentrated gaze, then uses breath observation and diaphragmatic breathing to balance the nervous system. It then combines breath centered awareness with imagery, using the mind screen at the brow point to ground and confidently connect the mind and hands.

Navigating The Waters of Your Mind

Learn to sail though emotional storms with this 10 minute guided meditation set to the sound of the ocean and original music by Michael Mattioli.

Excerpt: “We can innocently allow fear based perceptions to forecast our future, or we can appreciate where we are in the present moment and reset our internal GPS for more peaceful waters. With conscious awareness, we navigate the waters of our mind; the lull before the storm, the storm and the tranquility it leaves in its wake.”