Spiral Meditation

Spiral Meditation Guided 25 minutes

The Spiral Meditation is a technique developed by Dr. W. Brugh Joy that uses sacred geometry as means to heal and nourish the body, mind and spirit. It can be used on a daily basis when dealing with illness or as desired in a healthy person to maintain a deep sense of inner harmony.  It is also beneficial as a pre-surgery meditation to encourage the body to heal more rapidly, or before any stressful situation to bring your whole being into balance.  To experience flow of energy in and around the body more fully in this meditation, please use your hands as guided and/or sit in a comfortable position.

You may also consider doing this meditation in place of “counting sheep” before bed! If doing the meditation to promote sleep, you may want to lie down and keep the hands on the heart center throughout the meditation; it is not necessary to close the spiral before sleep and you can set your intention for the light field to finish the expanding spiral pattern if you fall asleep before it is completed.

The power of this meditation is in its ability to teach the meditator to experience their conscious awareness as both the giver and receiver of energy. This meditation is taught to practitioners in the Healing Touch Program as a technique for self-care and often given to the client to do as self healing. It is also used by the practitioner on the client to encourage a deep state of expansion and peacefulness.

Energy is a dance, and a spiral is a very special dance. By placing the center of energy awareness in the heart, the higher states of awareness in the upper energy centers can be integrated with those in the lower energy centers. Above all else, enter a state of Unconditional Love when you experience this meditation.

As with all guided meditation, once you have done this often enough, you will no longer need my voice to guide you. You may choose to listen to the music only file as you bring yourself into the Spiral Meditation’s expanded state of awareness.

Peace and Light,



Meditation Into the Chakras (with bonus tracks)

Take an interactive journey through the seven chakras while listening to music created specifically for each chakra. The first half of each of the seven meditations includes Michael’s sound healing to redirect and shift brain waves, while Megan’s soothing voice guides you through visualizations on the attributes and functions of the chakra;  You are also asked questions to gain personal insight into the current stream of awareness of the energy center.  Then delve deeper into meditation in whatever way the chakra presents itself to you while continuing to listen to the corresponding vibrational sounds.  Meditation is the most creative, authentic way to introduce oneself to, explore, and expand the seven energy centers.  These meditations can be used individually to focus on one chakra or together to transform the whole subtle body. 

Download Bonus! This download includes an additional seven sound healing only tracks from Meditations Into the Chakras

1. Opening Meditation (2:12)
2. Guided Muladhara Chakra (7:28)
3. Guided Svadihistana Chakra (6:58)
4. Guided Manipura Chakra (7:27)
5. Guided Anahata Chakra (8:14)
6. Guided Vishuddha Chakra (7:12)
7. Guided Ajna Chakra (7:10)
8. Guided Sahasrara Chakra (7:04)
9. Closing Meditation (1:14)
10. Muladhara Chakra (7:28)
11. Svadihistana Chakra (6:58)
12. Manipura Chakra (7:27)
13. Anahata Chakra (8:14)
14. Vishuddha Chakra (7:12)
15. Ajna Chakra (7:10)
16. Sahasrara Chakra (7:04)

Guided By Megan MacCarthy, Original Sound Healing by Michael Mattioli

Megan MacCarthy is Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), ERYT500, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (HTCP), Marma Therapist and owner of Bear Foot Yoga, LLC. She provides energy healing, Ayurvedic Marma Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and teaches meditation and accessible weekly yoga classes with an emphasis on the subtle body.  Megan’s specialty is what she lovingly refers to as “Body Prayer” – a somatic style of yoga that decreases pain, improves mobility and enhances energy flow within the body.  Visit bearfootyogastudio.com to leave feedback or learn more about Bear Foot Yoga Studio. You can practice with her on YouTube at Yoga with Megan MacCarthy or follow her on Instagram at bearfootmegan. 

Michael Mattioli is a musician and composer who has been playing, writing and recording music for most of his life.  He has been doing energy healing for 15 years, and this is his first foray into the sound healing space.  These pieces represent a beautiful synergy of his intuitive sensitivities both as artist and healer, and it is his sincere hope you find them useful on your journey. 

Healing with Yoga Nidra and Mahat Pranayama

Guided by Megan MacCarthy, Original Music by Michael Mattioli

Track 1: Healing with Yoga Nidra – Meditation through the Pancha Maya Koshas (30:44)

Yoga philosophy teaches that we are multidimensional beings. In Sanskrit, Pancha means five, Maya means illusion and Kosha means sheath, referring to the 5 energetic levels of being we experience as ourselves.

Anna Maya Kosha – the food body or physical body.
Prana Maya Kosha – the energy body, also called Qi, Chi or Life Force.
Mano Maya Kosha – the mind as it relates to thoughts & feelings through the senses. Vijnana Maya Kosha – the higher wisdom layer of intuition and insight.
Ananda Maya Kosha – the body of bliss and joy; the subtlest of all the sheaths that is our essential nature and true Self

In Yoga Nidra, you leave the waking state, go past the unconscious dreaming state and into a state of conscious deep sleep, yet remain fully awake. In this state, deep-seated impressions in the mind are purified (samskaras) and healing occurs.

Track 2: Mahat Pranayama – Introduction to Yogic Breathing (10:08)

Mahat Pranayama is a beautiful pranayama that is the foundation of other yogic breathing practices. It teaches us to use the diaphragm to breathe completely and correctly to all 3 sections of the lungs  just as we are meant to.  Once we learn to breathe fluidly to the low, mid and high sections of the lungs, we then direct the flow of the breath from the bottom of the lungs to the top.

Physically, the diaphragm is a half-dome shaped muscle that separates the thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity.  It is the engine of respiration. Typically, we don’t use our breath engine because we only breathe to the top of the chest. Like any other muscles, if the muscles that support our respiration are not used, restriction may occur. By using our diaphragm, we support the muscles of respiration, optimize our lung function and increase the oxygen to positively influence all the systems of our body.

On the emotional level, the diaphragm acts as both a shield and bridge between unconscious and conscious emotions.  It can prevent emotions in the lower abdomen from overflowing into the heart and consciousness. 

The subtle body intention of this breathing practice is to connect to emotions, which are charged gut feelings. Image or experience the emotions being pushed out of the chest with Mahat Pranayama.

This breathing technique can be done seated or lying down.