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I had the pleasure of working with Megan and Bear Foot Yoga earlier this year for a retreat for emergency medicine residents. Megan’s specialized training in yoga therapy was of particular interest for our group for its holistic approach to preserving one’s well-being. She designed our session in a way to be both relaxing and instructive; offering skills that our residents can apply to their daily lives to de-stress and provide relaxation. Megan was extremely accommodating to our group’s schedule and needs. She was very organized and simply lovely to work with. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Megan and Bear Foot Yoga for our future retreats!

– C. Harrison, Northwestern University

I could not be happier with my private sessions with Megan! They gave me more than the results I was hoping for. I did just 2 private meditation sessions: first session to help bring down high blood pressure and a second session to help with anxiety. I slowly increased my practice to 20 minutes each day. Currently, my blood pressure is below the doctors recommendation and as for anxiety, I’m back to being a calm person. Megan, thank you.

– Geri V.

I thought yoga was just the poses and posture but going to Megan’s woman’s retreat and doing private meditation with her I realized that I am doing Yoga every single day. There are 8 limbs to yoga and the only limb that I don’t practice is posture.

Megan’s private meditation sessions and her woman’s retreat made me realize that meditation is a way of life. Meditation has now become what I do every single morning whether it is for 5 minutes or for 20 minutes depending on the time I have in the morning. It gives me a fresh start each morning and brings so much more love and clarity to my mind, body and soul.

– Joy

Megan hosted a Corporate Wellness event at her studio for our employees. She held a relaxation/meditation session for us. The event was our best attended event all year and was easily the most successful. Every employee that attended said they enjoyed it and would like to attend a class again. Megan has such a calming presence – we felt our stress melting away just walking in the door. She is a true professional and was able to teach us all things we can do to ease our workplace stress. I would highly recommend Megan and Bear Foot Yoga Healing for your corporate wellness program. Scheduling our session was very easy and we felt the value that we got out of our session was far more than we expected. Namaste!

– Pam H.

I have been going to Megan’s yoga classes for probably close to 7 years. I started with 1 class a week and now go to at least 2 and sometimes 3 or more. My health and outlook has improved substantially. I’ve gained flexibility and become more relaxed and comfortable. I’ve made a number of really good friends including Megan. I have done Healing Touch with Megan which has significantly reduced my chronic headaches. I can’t say enough good things. Megan is a treasure! I would be lost without her!

- Sue W.

I love yoga with Megan. It helps with flexibility and core strength, plus I get the added benefit of having my best night of sleep after her classes. Any of my patients with neck and back pain, I encourage them to take yoga as it can relieve their pain. Also yoga has helped many of my patients with anxiety and depression. So much better than drugs.

-Dr. Melanie S., DO Family Medicine

I have had several back surgeries and chronic back pain for over twenty years and decided to try yoga to help ease the pain and build strength. My back pain was partly caused by weakened muscles and compensating for injuries. Megan’s class helped me to find new stretches and poses that I could do everyday at home, and I have noticed improvement in my pain levels. Her class was also focused on the mental/relaxation aspects, which was beneficial for me since chronic pain can be very stressful. I appreciated that she would tell me how to modify a pose based on my abilities and back issues. I would recommend her class for any age level.

- Alan B.

Though I have had an interest in yoga for years and had a class here and there, it took major back surgery for me to finally listen to what I craved – mindful balance, lived wholeness. Megan and her giftedness with Somatic Yoga Therapy has set me well on my path.

I partnered with Megan for private Yoga Therapy sessions knowing my body needed better attention to find fullness of strength and flexibility. And after six months of Megan’s guidance, I have recovered functionality that I haven’t had in years. I have gained greater freedom, range of motion and confidence in doing the things I love (e.g. hiking, gardening, dancing) that before surgery were excruciating. Though surgery certainly helped with this, before working with Megan, I still experienced some physical limitations and fear of re-injuring myself. Megan has helped me understand my body, listen to my body and engage my body as it has been intended to be used. Knowledge and trust have replaced my fear.

Most importantly, my time with Megan has taught me that strength and flexibility was just a piece of what I needed. My time with Megan has also supported me growing in awareness of and entering more fully into the moment.

– D.E.

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