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If you are a somatics student or a yoga teacher, join Megan for 10 days of live stream, April 5-9 and 12-16! You can participate live at 8 am CST with time for questions and comments at the end in the chat or practice to edited the video recording later.  This will be a thoughtful series for somatic fans to reference and build the confidence to know how to do the movements on your own. It will also introduced yoga teachers to simple somatic yoga that you can use as warm ups and incorporate into whatever class style you teach. We will play and explore one somatic movement each day. Classes will be 30-45 minutes to allow time before and/or after the gentle movement portion for still relaxation or guided meditation. It is our brain that moves the body. Somatic Body Prayer is a way to listen to and improve communication between the brain and body while offering ourselves kindness.

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Download the Insight Timer app with the world’s largest free meditation library. You will have easy access to Megan’s meditations wherever and whenever you need some time inside yourself.

Welcome Home BFY Students!!!

Limited In person studio classes are back! Pre-registration and payment REQUIRED and classes are limited to 10 students so sign up to assure your space. Bring your own mat and any props you like to use. Masks must be worn at all times. Please stay home if you are feeling sick. Thanks for coming back to BFY and taking precautions to keep each other healthy.

Live stream zoom classes: Friday 10:30 am Somatic Yoga and Saturday 9 am. The classes open 10 minutes early so that you can work out any technical issues and say hello and stay open for chat after class. Create your nourishing space, gather your gear & practice with a few friends at the studio!


All levels and all pets welcome in virtual classes!

  • Before registering for an in person studio class, please read the full COVID POLICY UPDATE. 
  • Online Classes are listed on the schedule as “virtual” and indicate if they are pre-recorded (you can do them any time) or live stream (only available at the class time). Sign up for your class on the website or the BFY app, just as you would normally book a class using your virtual class pass. You will be sent a class link. Need more help with zoom classes? See below under “New to Zoom” or call Megan at 262-767-1111
  •  Classes are available On Demand 24/7 with your virtual passes.

Somatic Yoga

Level: therapeutic, gentle

Schedule:  Fridays 10:30 am Zoom Live Stream

Want to increase your body awareness and age gracefully? This accessible class teaches a therapeutic form of movement for everyone! It is recommended to anyone who experiences persistent pain, illness, fatigue or limited mobility. The majority of the class is done seated or lying down and can be done on the floor, in bed or in a chair.  Somatic yoga combines smooth breath with slow, small motions to safely release old patterns and hidden tension. The awareness is on the internal experience and re-educating muscles toward fluid body movement. There is also emphasis placed on the energetic effects of the practice and working with prana (life-force in the subtle body). Somatic yoga can improve posture, increase range of motion, reduce pain, and bring you an insightful new appreciation for your body-brain connection.

Recommended Props: strap, blanket, 2 blocks, 2 pillows, and slo-mo ball.

Slow Flow Yoga

Level: basic, moderate, strength and flexibility

Schedule: Saturdays 9 am In Person Studio Class or Live Stream
,  Thursdays 5:30 pm In Studio

Take the time to explore the best alignment for your body in this simplified slow hatha vinyasa style. This class is for anyone who wants to be challenged physically while moving at a slow pace. We take time to break down postures and learn to use props to provide a safe, stable method to engage muscles, build stamina and stretch deeply. Students of all levels learn alignment principles in basic poses and how to link movement to the breath. Explore simple flow patterns to increase flexibility, maintain joint function and build heat; hold poses to improve balance and mental focus and strengthen the legs, arms, upper body, and core muscles.  Modifications are offered for more comfort and stillness; and options are given for more flow and challenge.

Recommended Props: 2 blocks, a strap and any other cushy props you enjoy

Why You Should Say YES to Yoga Online:

Take classes when and where you want!

There is no limit to the number of people who can practice together or any geography that can keep us apart!

Take the no special yoga clothes necessary as step further –  wear your pajamas if you would like! (Or maybe you were already doing that at the studio?!)

Shorter commute and no reason to schlep your props around; keep your yoga space ready so there are no excuses.

Invite household members to practice with you!

You can choose your own background music.

Your pets make fantastic sandbags!

Take an extended savasana – or even try seated meditation after class.

No one can hear you or see you! Embodied practices give us the space to release old patterns in our bodies and in our thoughts; Laughter, tears, bodily noises…they are just a few ways you might let go.

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Comments From The Online Community

This is the first time I have been able to work with my body to relieve the excruciating fibromyalgia neck and shoulder pain I often experience. All your videos are so helpful!

S. R.

Amazing guide! This video helps not just build strength but also understand posture.


Thanks Megan.  This video really helped me when my back started hurting.  I was able to walk a little more and feel those gripper muscles soften!

G. P.

Thank You Megan for this lovely video session.  It gives me time to spoil and be gentle to myself.

N. G.

Thank you so much for this practice.  I do this when I am feeling particularly challenged by life.  I am a yoga teacher in the UK and like to take your classes as they really help me to ground.

S. H.

Wow – I had no idea how bad tight psoas muscles could be.  I just found your video and went through the movements. It was easy to follow and because the pace was perfect and the descriptions very easy.

K. M.

I have enjoyed and shared your videos for somatic yoga.  When I found your videos I found peace and help with releasing stress built up for years. What a gift you give.

K. D.

Your classes have been powerful tool during COVID.  I have been missing doing yoga and I am so happy to find your classes which are balancing body, mind and soul.

H. M.

I have enjoyed your videos while quarantined and I appreciate how much intentional work has gone into making your videos.  I work as a provider in women’s health. I find it so important for us to stay active in a functional way as we age gracefully. Your classes are perfection, such intention; meaningful movement instruction requires just an open heart and quiet ear.

M. B.

I have been following your practices on YouTube for some months now and it has completely changed my life! I had lived with chronic pains in my entire body for over 10 years and tried so many types of treatment, exercises, pain medicine, etc. I was getting desperate and had pretty much lost hope that I would ever be better…But then I found somatic yoga and you. After committing to practicing with you every day or at least close to that, my pain levels have plummeted! I am beyond ecstatic and forever grateful that you have shown me these tools to empower myself and my body.

E. A.

How To Sign Up For Virtual and On Demand Classes

On your computer? Navigate to the Current Schedule  on the BFY website.

Do you use apps on your phone, ipad or computer? Download/visit the BFY app (instructions to download the app can be found HERE if you scroll down below the schedule):


For Virtual Classes: Click on “Sign Up” for the class you want to attend.  You will get a confirmation with a link to join the class.

For On Demand Classes – Visit THIS LINK  and click “On Demand” at the top of the page. Choose a class to do whenever you want.

If this is your first time signing up for Virtual or On Demand classes, you may be asked to create an account.  Login with an email and set your password.

NEW TO ZOOM? This might help

Download Zoom (www.zoom.com) to your device (computer, tablet, or phone) before class. Give yourself plenty of time to get set up and enter the class; 10- 15 minutes suggested.

Visit your schedule on the Bear Foot Yoga app or email confirmation to click on the zoom link to join the class.

  • Joining via computer (or device over the Internet):  If you have low bandwidth, stay in audio-only mode and do not turn on your video.  You will still hear everything, but the quality of sound should improve.  If you have good bandwidth, you may show your video.  (Click on the video camera in the bottom right hand corner of your Zoom window.)

You have a choice between Speaker View (your screen will show your teacher) or Gallery View (where you can see your classmates too).  On a computer, the choice is in the top, right hand corner of your screen. On a phone or iPad, simply swipe the screen. You might want to switch from Speaker to Gallery.

You will come into the class unmuted so you can socialize. During class, you can enter comments into the Chat option at the bottom of your screen or hold comments until after class.

Trouble connecting? Haven’t received your class link or password? Text or Email Megan at 262-767-1111 and she will help you.